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    proposing to yourfiancĂ© If you are planning to marry in another country, you have a list of requirement that have to be met in order to be married. One of those requirements is for you to obtain a Single Status Letter or a Certificate of Non-Impediment. This document has many different names such as Declaration of Non-Impediment to Marry, Statutory Declaration of Single Status, Affidavit of Intended Marriage, Statement In-Lieu of Certificate of Non-Impediment to Marriage Abroad, Certificate de Coutume, a Certificate of No Impediment,  Certificate of Nulla Osta, Certificate of Freedom to Marry or just free to marry.

    By whatever name it is called, what the authorities are requesting from you is a document in which you state some of your personal details, that your are single or you were married but you are divorced as well as your intention to marry in the country in question and a confirmation that you are not married.

    You were probably told

     by the  consulate office or embassy to go to your County Clerks Office, Town Clerks or City Clerk's office to get this Certificate of non Impediment letter or they may even tell you to go to your Federal Government to get this affidavit from them. Most Town Clerks will tell you they do not issue them or they may do a search of their divorce database an give you a "Form letter" that will indicate no divorce record  was found. Since this Form letter does not have a live signature it can not be notarized therefore it will not satisfy your needs.

    There are several different ways of getting your Single Status Letter or Non Impediment Letter.

    If you Live in New York City


    #1. If you're looking for a CERTIFICATE OF NON IMPEDIMENT and you can not seem to find one? Good news if you are looking for the   Single Status letter in New York City (Brooklyn, Queens, Bronx, Staten Island, Manhattan, NYC). The City of New York will issue you a Certificate of Non-Impediment. This is an official Certification that the Office of the City Clerk has no information that would be an "impediment" to you getting a Marriage License in the City of New York. Certificates of Non-Impediments can only be issued to NYC residents.

    To obtain a Certificate of Non-Impediment, you may visit one of their office locations to obtain and complete the application for the Certificate of Non-Impediment, or you may submit an application to the Office of the City Clerk via City Clerk Online and visit one of their offices during regular business hours to complete it.

    Upon submitting this Certificate of Non-Impediment application online, you will receive a Confirmation Number. To complete your application, you must bring your Confirmation Number along with proper identification, payment and any additional required documentation to the Manhattan Office of the City Clerk.

    Remember, In order to obtain a Certificate of non-impediment you must reside within the city of New York. The City Clerk of New York will issue you a Certificate of Non-Impediment which will be valid for six months from the issuance date.

    If you Lived Outside of New York City

    #2. Fill out this Download the PDF application to request a Single Status Letterto order your New York State Application for Single Status letter.

    If you live in another Country, State, City, or Town

    Here are 4 Free Single Status Letter you can use.

    There are basically 2 types of non impediment letters or single status letter, there is an Affidavit and a statutory declaration. The difference between them is in one case you are making a statement & signing it & in the other case you are swearing that the statements are true along with your signature . Check with the authorities of the country in which you wish to marry whether you need an affidavit or a statutory declaration.


    #1. This is probably the only Single Status letter that is used the most. PDF download imagePDF Word document download image WORD Download the document, fill it out, then take it to a notary public.

    #2. If you do not live in NYC then you maybe able to  use this affidavit document. Click here to download the Microsoft Word version of this documentClick here to open this Microsoft WORD document or Right click to save to your hard drive.  (you can edit the letter to remove items such as, was married but now divorced, etc....) (In this affidavit you are saying that the statements you make are really true facts and it is sworn to some authority (i.e. a notary or a consular officer.)


    Statutory Declaration

    #3. If you can not use the above affidavit and you may use the STATUTORY DECLARATION OF SINGLE STATUS. Word version of this documentClick here to open this Microsoft WORD document or Right click to save to your hard drive. (In this letter you just affirm or claim you believe your statements are true.)

    Some countries may require you to visit the consular office to have this form signed in front of them, with other countries a notary stamp. Which ever document you chose you also need to have it legalized or Apostille.

    #4. If you find the above affidavit to complicated you can try to use this Simple Marital Status Affidavit. That add some legal findings to the document Download document hereClick here to open this Microsoft WORD document or Right Click to download to your computer.

    If you do not have WORD installed on your computer you can download this text file.


    The above information maybe confusing so here is a Review:

    1. New York City provides a Single Status Letter only if you live in NY Cities 5 boroughs
    2. If you live in New York State you can check with the New York State Vital Records, Download the PDF application
    3. There are 3 sample templates for a Single Status Letter / Non Impediment Letter that you can use. Download the Affidavit or  the Statutory Declaration of Single Status. Customize it to suit your needs.PDF download imageClick here to download the Microsoft Word version of this documentClick here to download the Microsoft Word version of this document
    4. Download and use the Simple USA Marital Status Affidavit located above Download document here
    5. Check with your Town Clerks, City Clerk or where you get married at, or your County Clerk's Office to see if they provide a Single Status letter.
    6. Many people come here looking for information. If you know of a State or county that provides this service, let us know so we can update the list below to help others looking for this information.


    Need additional Help!

    This web page is very informative concerning Single Status letter or non impediment letter. If you follow the following tips and information here & you can not find a source for your Single Status Letter, please re-read the above information as there is something here that you can use.

    This page is updated often as new information is discovered, so, I do not have any new information to give you.

    The only personal tips I can give you, is to tell you to check with your Town Clerk, the City Clerk, (this is the place where you usually get married), or the County Clerk's Office, and refer you back to this webpage to read it again and chose the method or document that you think will help you.

    If you should have new information that can be used to update this webpage and help someone else please click on the following button so we can share that information with others.


    Notary & Apostille Service offers a full range of service:

    • Notary & Apostille Service can get an Apostille or Embassy Legalization of your Non Impediment Letter or Single Status Letter for any state.
    • Translate it to it to the language required.
    • Have it Authenticated by the Consulate or Embassy.
    • To Get Started go to the "Contact US" page to Download the order form, Fill it out & return with your order.

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    If you use Notary & Apostille Service free Non Impediment letter and you wish to pay me back here are several option you can use to help support this site:

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    Here are some New York State Counties that will issue Certificate of non Impediment?

    This list is still under construction, if you have any information that can be used to update this list, please contact Notary & Apostille Service.

    County County County County
    Albany Niagara Allegany Oneida
    Bronx, Yes Onondaga Broome Ontario
    Cattaraugus Orange No Cayuga Orleans
    Chautauqua Oswego Chemung Otsego
    Chenango Putnam Clinton Queens, Yes
    Columbia Rensselaer Cortland Richmond (Staten Island), Yes
    Dutchess Delaware Rockland Saratoga
    Erie Schenectady Essex Schoharie
    Franklin Schuyler Fulton Seneca
    Genesee Steuben Greene St. Lawrence
    Hamilton Suffolk, No Herkimer Sullivan
    Jefferson Tioga Kings (Brooklyn), Yes Tompkins
    Lewis Ulster Livingston Warren
    Madison Washington Monroe Wayne
    Montgomery Westchester Nassau, Yes,
    But it's Just a Form Letter.
    New York
    (Manhattan) Yes
  • Other USA STATES that offer Verification of No Marriage Letter

    New York yes Kansas yes Washington yes
    Georgiayes - a blank form Texasyes

    Do you need additional Information

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