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Documents received by 0800-1200 hours. (8:00 - 10:30 AM via FedEx) will be processed that day for  URGENT/RUSH Service, All other documents received in the afternoon will processed the next day or they will be process according to the service requested.
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Apostille / Certification of Authority Plans

Mail Only

nEW yORK sTATE Only$99

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  • All NYC Birth or Death Certificates REQUIRE the "Letter of Exemplification of Birth or Death"
  • NYC Marriage Certificates (ALSO REQUIRE a wet pen signature on back of document)
  • NYC Notarized Documents, must have a Notary Stamp that indicates the Notary Public is "Qualified in Kings County", "Qualified in Queens County" or "Qualified in New York County".
  • * Please make sure your document has the correct notarial wording & none of these notary errors exists in your document. *
  • Notarized documents from any other location (especially upstate New York or Suffolk County) must first have the notary signature Authenticated by the County Clerk in the county that the notary public is qualified in.
  • All notarized documents must comply with the Notary Public Law of June 2016 concerning a document being properly notarized
  • NYS Court Documents must be original & certified by the County Clerk with a Raised Seal.
  • Any other NYS Documents must have an verifiable NYS STATE authorized Signature
  • All documents must be mailed to us using the address on the Contact US page
  • You must provide pre-paid Return Courier or Postage label
  • May take up to TWELVE business days to process.
  • You must provide pre-paid Return Courier or Postage label

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Best Value
Mail Only


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  • NYC Birth Certificates
  • NYC Death Certificates
  • NYC Marriage Certificates (DO NOT REQUIRE signature on back)
  • NY Certified Court Documents
  • Most Mortgage Documents
  • NYC Birth or Death Certificates DO NOT REQUIRE the Letter of Exemplification
  • All Nassau County issued Birth or Death Certificates issued by a local Town Registrar or NYS Director of Vital Records
  • All Nassau County Certified Court Documents from a local Registrar
  • NYS Notarized Documents Must be Authenticated by the County Clerk
  • * Please make sure your document has the correct notarial wording & none of these notary errors exists in your document. *
  • Educational documents are required to be notarized or a notarize Letter from the school.
  • NYS Documents Only #
  • You must provide Pre-paid Return FedEx Courier or USPS envelope
  • May take up to 3 business days to process.
  • # NYS Document from outside the NYC/Long Island area that require the County Clerk Authentication first may take up to  10 business days. No Suffolk County Police check documents unless it is already notarized & County Clerk Authenticated. Otherwise, see the next price listing.

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Pick-up Service maybe Available$295

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  • This is a per document (stapled together) or Apostille fee
  • Same Day Service,
    Expedited Service for out of area
  • Free Pick-up From Our Local Area
  • or a pick-up will apply
  • All Mortgage Documents
  • NYC Birth Certificates
  • NYC Death Certificates
  • NYC Notarize Documents
  • All Notarized documents Must be Authenticated by the County Clerk
  • NYS Documents Only
  • You must provide Return Courier/Postage
  • Same day to process. Documents not issued from New York State or not issued in New York City area may take longer to process. Ask us how you can help us expedite your job.

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Embassy Legalization in Washington, DC is required for all Federal Government Apostille and is required for any document issued by the Federal government agency (e.g., Certificate of Environmental Protection Agency, Certificate of Exportability, Certificate of Pharmaceutical Products, Certificate to Foreign Government, Certified copy of Naturalization from Homeland Security, Department of Justice FBI Background Check, Export Certificate for Animal Products, Certificate of Free Sale from the FDA, Phytosanitary Certificate, USDA Animal Health Certificate, USPTO Patent Certificate, USPTO Trademark Certificate or for any country listed on the legalization tab above.

You must include a pre-paid Courier label or Postage label  for your documents to be return to you in a timely manner. Documents received without return label or postage will be returned by USPS First Class Mail which will delay you receiving your documents by several days.

Embassy Legalization or Consulate Service

For Embassy Legalization or Consulate Service!

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