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If you’re looking for a Certificate of Non Impediment and you can seem to find one? You’re like many others internet users who are searching the internet looking for a Letter of non impediment or a single status letter.

You were probably told that you need to have this letter in order to get married or you’re not sure what it is that they are asking for. The reason you can find one is because in the USA there are many municipalities that do not have such a letter.

New York City is only place, that I am aware of, that will issue this letter if you live in New York City. Other places will search their local database to see if there is a divorce record on file and give you a basic form letter stating no record found. These form letter are so general & non personal they lack any real personal information.

If you go to you will find 2 letters that may be useful to you. Once you fill out the information requested on the letter, take it to a Notary Public and have it notarize. After that you need to get an Apostille or Legalized depending on what Hague Convention requirements are for your country of use. Your particular country many want you to sign this letter in front of the Embassy Officer or Consulate Officer, so check on what your final procedure should be.

NYNOTARY4U provides USA Apostille, Authentication & Certification Services for all 50 States to be use in any country.

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