Even the church needs a NY Notary Public

As a Notary Public you never know what’s going to happen when you go to your notary assignment; many times you go expecting one thing & the events that unfold is totally unexpected.

In this history making event, that I had a small part in, along with the Bishop Benjamin (Peterson) of the Diocese of Alaska of the Orthodox Church & the Metropolitan (Jonah) of the Orthodox Church in America, in addition there was  Fr Eric (pictured below) and several other distinguished clergy & 2 attorneys.  They all came together to transfer the titles of land that Bishop of the Orthodox Church of Alaska had been given title to by the Russians.

Years later in the 1700’s, I believe, he moved from Alaska to California then to NY.  So now the title for the Alaskan land is being held by the Bishop of the Orthodox Church in America (NY). So, after many years of having title to the land in Alaska,  the church felt that  it’s the right thing to do &  by giving the title for the land back to the “Indians”.

To do this I had to notarizing 18 Quit claim deeds, transferring the title from the Metropolitan Jonah of the Orthodox Church in America back to the Diocese of Alaska of the Orthodox Church.

This is me with Father Eric who hired me to be their Notary Public.  There was a group photograph taken, so when I receive it I will post it here.

So just remember the next time you’re call for a Notary Public assignment, be prepared for the unexpected when you open the door to the location you were dispatched to apply your trade.


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