On a Notary Public assignment I met my client fishing

Who said being a notary was a boring job?
Being a notary has taken me to some really fancy, fabulous & unusual locations.

If you re a notary I’m sure you’ve been to some exotic, fancy or unusual place too. I’ve gone to million dollars homes, a TV personality home/office, lawyers office, a SOHO artist showroom/home gated home, bungalow and there were some homes that were no so nice.

There were also places that I would not have like to have gone such as to a hospital wards, & ICU; nursing home are ok, and so are the notary signing I’ve done on street of NYC, or at the Airport. Wendy’s remain high on my list for places to meet clients.

The latest I’ve been called out of the house was at midnight. I’ve even received inquires about 10pm and the earliest was at 6am. I had 2 emergency calls to leave my home to notarize a parental permission for their child to travel with someone else. Sometimes, I just have to turn off the ringer if I’m look’n for a good night sleep. Sometimes people will call at any hour of the night looking for a notary who will work for nothing..

The bottom line is; the clients were happy to see me & to be able to get their notary needs taken care of. I’m happy to be working & getting paid. My bill collectors are happy too.

Alan Murray

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