Do you know a sloppy Notary?

No I’m not talking about how they look or dress. I’m talking about quality or correctness of their work. I was just going to write about New York Notaries until I received a notarize paper that was stamped by a New Jersey Notary.
So I guess NY state is not alone.

I frequently have to hire other notaries to do work for me that is too far for me to travel or I receive work that a notary has stamped & sent to me for a client.

After observing the quality of work that I am presented with I’ve determined that many notaries need to read their notary manual or go back to school to learn how to do a proper notarization.

On many occasions the notary has only stamped & signed the affidavit. There is No Venue & Jurat, on one document their was no date. One notary stamp even had the incorrect county he was qualified in. I did not find this out until I went to the NYC County Clerk to certify his signature & they could not find his name in their records. A quick check of the Secretary of State database shows that he is qualified in Queens. NY notaries are qualified by where they live not by where they work.

Last week I was standing on line at my local county clerk’s office getting a notary’s signature certified and the county clerk turned away a young lady & told her, she could not accept sloppy notary work. I must have been one of those sign & stamp. Bravo!

Do you know what I’m writing about? They are among us.

Here is a list of thing the County Clerk will reject a Notary Certification for:

  • Missing Venue – the statement and county where the notary administered the oath or acknowledgment is not shown
  • Missing Jurat – the statement that the notary administered the oath or acknowledgment is not shown
  • The Notary Signature is missing
  • Signature of the notary on your document is different then the one on file
  • The Venue is not written in English
  • The Jurat is not written in English

Alan Murray
New York State Notary



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