My web site is not bring me much business

What can I do to get more traffic? In three words Search Engine Optimization (SEO).
You need to hire an SEO company, so they can build back links to your website.
There are many companies that will PUT you on the first page of Google but as a sponsored link on top or on the right side. But by having back links you be in the organic section and you can stop paying for their service.

There are too many SEO companies to recommend, there are some that charge $100 – $1000 or more a month. So find out where you are in the ranking and track your progress each month.  If should start seeing a move up within 3 months

Also, an SEO will look at your web page and make changes to your title tag line, which is very important.  In addition, your keyword in your keyword tag must appear in the context of the body.

Some SEO’s will promise you they will write blog articles, social network articles for you however, in the two months that I worked with one SEO I never saw or found an article they wrote for me.

If you like to do your own SEO, you can use free software like Traffic Travis to find different info about your site, page rank, broken links, relevance, etc.  So look for free SEO tools, that you can use. 

You can also drive traffic to your site by Hosting your own blog, I use WordPress, many hosting site have a one click install so its pretty easy to install & setup.

Another way of driving traffic to your site is by Hosting your own forum. I use PHPbb, this is another one click program that many hosting sites have.

Last year I was going to setup Joomla and I was pretty discouraged by the learning curve in getting the databases set-up etc. Once I found out about these one click programs on my hosting site, I setup 3 new programs so far.

Bottom line read more about SEO work, tips, etc
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Alan Murray
Notary & Apostille Service
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