How to get a Certificate of Single Status, Non Impediment, Nulla Osta, Certifcat de Coutume, Freedom to Marry

You may want to get married in another country & one of the documents you may need to meet the any of the legal requirement is a letter saying that you are free to marry. So, now you’re off searching the internet, looking at various blogs, calling various agencies trying to find out how you get this letter & are having a difficult time finding it.  On Notary & Apostille Service website we try to offer help by pointing you to various agencies who do offer this service, but this service is not available everywhere.

Recently, I just found out some important information regarding how to get any of the following certificates (USA version): Certificate  of Intended MarriageCertificat de Coutume, a No Impediment to marry, Certificate of Nulla OstaCertificat de celibat, a Statement Instead of a Certificate of Non-Impediment  to Marriage Abroad, Certificate of Freedom to Marry or any kind of statement that says you are free to marry.

I was told you need to contact the Department of Health/Vital Records on the State Level, not your local health/vital records department. I sent an email to my State health department trying to get additional information, so as soon as I get additional information I will post it here. This information is specifically for New York State but it may also work in your state.

Visit  Notary & Apostille Service for additional information until this page is updated. Also, Notary & Apostille Service can assist you in getting your document Apostille according to the Convention of 5 October 1961 Abolishing the Requirement of Legalisation for Foreign Public Documents

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