Consulate Fees & Embassy Fees. The fees shown on this page are not under our control and therefore they are subject to change at anytime. We will do our best to keep them updated when we find out they have changed. So, at best these numbers shown here are estimated fees.

Our normal NY Consulate Service is from Monday to Friday.

New York (NY) Consulate Services provided

Some NY Consulate will accept document that have not gone throught the full legalization path.

This is the NY Consulate services that Notary & Apostille Service provides:

  • Hand deliver & Certify or Authenticate your document at the County Clerk's Office
  • Hand deliver your document to the New York Secretary of State
  • Hand delivery document to the NY Consulate
  • Pay all necessary Consulate Fees
  • Pick-up when it is ready
  • FedEx or Hand deliver your document to you or another person

* may require the US Arab Chamber of Commerce stamp

Country Personal/Business FeeExpedited Fee CountryRegular FeeExpedited FeeCountryRegular Fee Expedited Fee
Afghanistan$125none Algeria *$75none Angola$150none
Bahrain *Apostillenone Bangladesh$75none Benin$150none
Bolivia$150none Burkina Faso$0none Burundi$none
Cambodia$none Cameroon$none Canada$none
Chad$none China$none Congo Dem$none
Congo Rep$none Cote D'Ivoire$none Cuba $none
Egypt$none Eritrea$none Ethiopia$none
Ghana$none Guatemala$none Guinea$none
Haiti$none Indonesia$none Iran $none
Iraq $none Jamaica $none Jordan$none
Kenya$none Kuwait$none Laos$none
Lebanon$none Liberia $none Libya$none
Madagascar$none Malaysia$none Mali$none
Mauritania$none Mozambique$none Myanmar$none
Nepal$none Niger$none Nigeria$none
Oman$none Pakistan$none Palestine$none
Paraguay$none Philippines$none Qatar$none
Rwanda $none Saudi Arabia $none Senegal$none
Sierra Leone$none Singapore$none South Sudan $none
Sri Lanka$none Sudan$none Syria$none
Taiwan$none Tanzania$none Thailand$none
Togo$none Tunisia$none Turkmenistan$none
United Arab Emirates - UAE$45/$600none Uganda$50$80 Vietnam$70$30
Yemen$100$150 Zambia$45none
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