A Notary & Apostille for a Holocaust survivor

I did an interesting Notary/Apostille job the other day in Brooklyn, BoroPark, NY.  When I asked the elderly lady for her ID she brought me an expired passports.  I explained to her that her ID needs to be current.  She goes away and after a minute passes she brings back another expired passport, a little more current than the previous, but it was still expired.  She does this several times but instead of bring back a valid ID she brings back a couple of old pictures of her and her son who is sitting with me. 

Finally, after not knowing what else to bring me, as she stood in front of me, pushes up the sleeve on her left arm and shows me a serial number that had been tattoo on her arm.  She then asks me do I know what it was.  At that moment I just pause & reflected on the many World War holocaust movies I’d saw & my visit to the holocaust museum in Washington, DC a decade ago, & said Yes, it from the concentration camps.  It was a sad moment for me when I told her that I’m sorry for what happened and I glad she is here with us. 

After some prompting from her son she finally did bring me a current United States passport & I was able to complete the notarization of her signature. 

Being a NY Mobile Notary Public is an interesting job, you get to meet some wonderful people, that you may not have ever met in your lifetime.  These moments also reinforce the history you’ve heard about from your parents or read about.

Apostille Service & NY Mobile Notary Public Service  is available in your home of office.

Remember a current ID is a must; Driver License, Passport or other government ID with a picture & signature is required. Notary & Apostille service has been helping people get married, divorce, adoptions, births by notarizing & Apostille processing very important documents since 2004
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