Alabama Apostille

Information about Alabama's requirements for and apostille & how to get an apostille

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The Alabama Secretary of State provides an Apostille or Certifications for documents that are going to be used in a foreign country.

Alabama Certification of Authority

Alabama Secretary of State will only authenticates Original signatures on documents originating or issued in Alabama & signed by one of the  following Alabama public official of the state:

  • Correctly notarized by a Alabama Notary Public
  • Town Clerks or their appointed deputies & assistants
  • Superior Court Clerks, Deputy Clerks & Assistant Clerks
  • Commissioner & Deputy Commissioner of Public Health
  • Registrar and Assistant Registrar of Vital Records
  • Justices of the Peace

Vital Records

Birth or Death Certificate

Your Vital Record must be Certified Originals, photo copies are not acceptable.

Is my Birth/Death Certificate acceptable for an Apostille in Alabama?

  • The Document of must be issued by the State of Alabama (YY) or
  • from

If you have any doubt the your document is ready to be legalized you can scan the front of your document and the back if there are any stamp on the backside & email it to us.

How long does it take?

Normal processing time at the Alabama Secretary of State is varies and may take up to 5 days. On average it will take a minimum of 7 business day once we receive your document & for you to get it back. However, to expedite your mail service, Expedited service is available to speed up the process of your order to the YY Secretary of State Office & for the Express return of your documents as quickly as possible.

Apostille Fees

The cost is $175.00 for each document that requires an Apostille (not per page). Discounts are available ONLY if you have more than 2 document. Each additional document is $65.00

Expedited Service

Expedited service is available to speed up the Apostille process & for the return of your documents as quickly as possible. The cost is $100.00.

Alabama Embassy Legalization

The cost for getting your document legalized various according to the price the consulate or embassy may charge

The basic processing cost for Washington, DC embassy legalization is shown on the PRICE page and it does not include the Embassy Fee.

Mailing your documents

When mailing your documents to us we strongly recommend that you use FedEx, UPS, or USPS Priority or Express Mail. This way you will have a tracking number & be able to know that your document have arrived to our office.

All document are returned to you using your mailing label that you sent us. Or we will ship to you using USPS Priority or USPS Express Mail, International mail or Fedex Overnight all that come with an additional cost. Each one of the previous services allow tracking of your mail except in some foreign countries tracking may not be available. If you do not include a mailing label for return postage your document will be held to allow you to send the additional funds to cover your mail expense or we will return your Mail by First Class mail which does not provide any tracking, security, or financial recovery against loss.

Rush Apostille

How to get an Alabama Apostille  As soon as possible.

To get started with your order click here to fill out & print an online order form to include with your order & to see what type of payments are acceptable, and to get our mailing address. Or you can click on the "Getting Started" link which is located on the Contact us Menu.

Alabama Secretary of State can only Apostille birth certificates, death certificates, & Notarized document that originated from that state. Documents originating from or created in another state must be Apostille in that state. The Apostille issued in the United States is for use in other countries or if requested by an embassy or consulate in the USA.