How to get your educational documents Apostille

Notary & Apostille Service can process your educational documents for use in any Hague Convention country that requires an Apostille document.

There are basically two way to approach this matter that we will discuss. The first method we call The Direct Method, and the second is called the Indirect Method. Both methods will allow you to get an Apostille or Certification of your educational document but the method use to get the Apostille is different.

The Direct Method

In order for Notary & Apostille Service to get an Apostille for your document, your document must be notarized by a notary public from that state that the document was issued from. Some foreign agencies may request that the person who signed the educational document signature be notarized or it can be any official at the educational institution (i.e. Registrar, Administrator, Bursar), there are many other ways that we can get an Apostille, however, this is the best way, other methods will be discussed later.

If the school is within our service area of New York City/Long Island and they do not have a Notary Public on their staff then a Notary Public must go to the school to get a school official signature notarized that your degree is a true copy or get a notarized letter indicating that you have an original degree. If the school will send me this notarized letter & the notary public is qualified within the New York City or Long Island area (Manhattan aka Kings, Queens, Brooklyn aka Kings or Nassau County) there is no additional charge, otherwise there is a County Surcharge for an “Out of county notary public authentication”. There is a charge for this service if the schooldepending on the service ordered.

First, you will also have to contact the school via email or voice and give them permission for me to get a certified copy of your degree or for me to pick up an original educational document (i.e. degree, diploma, completion certification or transcript) & a notarized verification of your educational document letter. Some schools may require you to send your original degree to prove you are the holder of that degree. However, check with your school for the proper procedure to follow as these steps are only typical.

If you are going to send me the original degree, it will be attached to the Apostille & should not be separated. If you wish to keep your Original degree, make sure to send a scanned copy to me or to the school for processing for a certified true copy stamp or letter.

If you want us to process a copy of your degree using the Indirect Method listed below, then email it to us as an attachment. If your degree does not need to be picked up from the school and you wish for us to process the original degree or transcript then you must mail your documents to us.

Your Apostille & other documents will be return to you using any of the courier shipping methods available.

The Indirect Method

If you wish we can also process a copy of your educational document from any state or online degree school, certificate or transcript using a different procedure that is much faster & can be done cheaper. If the agency or country you are going to use your document in requires information about the schools accreditation we can usually provide that information on the affidavit that goes with your educational document if it is available. The accreditation information is taken from the Council for Higher Education Accreditation (CHEA), if your school is not listed in the database of Institutions & Programs then no information will be provided.

You can send a scanned copy of your educational document to us. We will then attach an affidavit to your scanned educational document. The Apostille will be issued for your educational document based on the affidavit. The Apostille affidavit, educational document will be sealed with a grommet as one document.

While this method works & you will get an Apostille is it subjective and may be rejected if the agency or country is looking for the direct method mentioned above.

Always check with the agency who will be receiving your document. Many of these agencies are just looking for the Apostille & not how it was done, but it is subjective.

If your document will be used in a Non Hague Convention country such as UAE, Egypt, etc, and your document is from an online school or a school that is not certified by a National certification authority there procedure is stricter and we may not be able to fully complete those transactions at the Embassy or Consular Level.  There should be no other problem with school that are certifiable.

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