50 States Apostille

The word Apostille is a French word, which means a certification.

Notary & Apostille Service - an Apostille document specialist for all 50 States. We operate out of NY to provide you with excellent nationwide service for your personal and corporate documents. We can assist you in obtaining an Apostille or Certification for your private & corporate documents. We can process any document that must be Apostille by any Secretary of State or Authenticated at the Consular or Embassy office.

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Alabama (AL)  Alaska (AK)
 Arizona (AZ)  Arkansas (AR)
 California (CA)  Colorado (CO)
 Connecticut (CT)  Delaware (DE)
 Florida (FL)  Georgia (GA)
 Hawaii (HI)  Idaho (ID)
 Illinois (IL)  Indiana (IN)
 Iowa (IA)  Kansas (KS)
 Kentucky (KY)  Louisiana (LA)
 Maine (ME)  Maryland (MD)
 Massachusetts (MA)  Michigan (MI)
 Minnesota MN)  Mississippi (MS)
 Missouri (MO)  Montana (MT)
 Nebraska (NE)  Nevada (NV)
 New Hampshire (NH)  New Jersey (NJ)
 New Mexico (NM)  New York (NY)
 North Carolina (NC)  North Dakota (ND)
 Ohio (OH)  Oklahoma (OK)
 Oregon (OR)  Pennsylvania (PA)
 Rhode Island (RI)  South Carolina (SC)
 South Dakota (SD)  Tennessee (TN)
 Texas (TX)  Utah (UT)
 Vermont (VT)  Virginia (VA)
 Washington (WA)  West Virginia (WV)
 Wisconsin (WI)  Wyoming (WY)


Apostille Documents


Many of the above listed state will accept the following documents for an Apostille, provided  they have been Notarized or Certified by the proper authority

An Apostille certificate can be obtained for any document. Notary & Apostille Service will assist you in getting an Apostille so your document will be ready for international use.
The below list is a short list of documents that can be presented for an Apostille certification:
  • articles of amendment
  • articles of incorporation and organization
  • articles of merger and dissolution
  • birth certificate
  • business bank letters
  • certificates of incumbency
  • certificate of Non-Impediment
  • certificates of status
  • corporate bylaws
  • corporate or personal powers of attorney
  • court judgments
  • criminal record
  • death certificate
  • department of justice - FBI check
  • diplomas and school records
  • divorce certificate or decree
  • educational records & transcripts
  • employment and personal bank letters
  • good citizen report
  • marriage certificate
  • other notarized personal documents
  • other notarized business documents
  • operating agreements
  • personal documents
  • police report
  • resolutions and minutes
  • U.S. Residency certificates (IRS Form 6166)
  • Single Status Affidavit
  • Just about any document, etc.