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Medford Notary Public

Notary & Apostille Service is a mobile Notary Public service available to handle your normal notary needs as well as your urgent or emergency needs for a Notary Public in Medford (11763) Long Island. In addition to our regular notary service Notary & Apostille Service can also assist you in getting an Apostille for your personal & business documents.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What type of Identification is required by the notary to verify my Signature?

 A. You will be required to show some type of government ID such as a Drivers License, Non Drivers License, Military ID, Passport or a Job ID with a picture & signature.

Please note, a Birth Certificate, a Social Security card are NOT valid forms of ID.

Q. Can you notarize a letter for my spouse if they are not present?

A. Anyone who is signing the document has to be present if the notary public  is going to witness that signature.  They may not necessarily have to be present at the same time.

Q. When is Notary & Apostille Service  Available?

A. Notary & Apostille Service works evenings, weekends - Saturdays, Sundays & holidays. Notary & Apostille Service is available 7 am to 9 pm and will travel to Medford, (11763) or any other  Nassau County or Suffolk County town on Long Island (LI) to handle your Medford Notary Public needs.  If you have special religious needs for early Friday or late night Saturday or Sunday, special accommodations can be made with additional compensations.

Q. What Service do you provide?

A. Notary & Apostille Service provides a wide range of Mobile Notary service, and personal services relating to document handling & preparation; from courier pick-up service to courier delivery of documents, VISA, Apostille, Certification, Embassy or Consular Legalization.

Q. What is a Traveling Notary Republic or Mobile Notary.

A. Traveling Notary or Mobile Notary is simply a business just like a visiting doctor. When your sick the doctor will come to your home to visit you, this is something you don't see to much of in this country anymore. However, a Traveling Notary or Mobile Notary just like the doctor, the notary will travel to your home or office, or wherever you feel comfortable or it is convenient for you to take care of your notary public business.

Q. Can the Medford Notary Public notarize document that are written in a foreign language?

A. Many banks & other well know parcel processing companies will not notarize documents such Trusts, Power of Attorney or any documents written in Hebrew, Italian, Spanish, Russian, etc, because they are not familiar with being a Notary Public or the Notary Public law. However, as a  Traveling Notary or Mobile Notary who has experience in processing these type of documents can witness your signature on any foreign language document.  Just so long as you understand the contents of the document.

Additional Frequently Asked Question are located here.

So, if you need a Medford Mobile Notary or a Traveling Notary Public to meet you in Medford (11763) on Long Island just give a call to confirm Notary & Apostille Service availability.  Notary & Apostille Service is on call 24-7 (24x7) for Urgent or Emergency notary work or use this Contact Us Link to schedule an appointment in advance.


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