Criminal Background Check

If you are planning to marry or get citizenship in another country, you may be required to obtain a Criminal Background Check. This document has many different names depending on where you got if from. It could be called a police report of no criminal record found, FBI background check, criminal background check, police record, FBI no criminal, non criminal history, good conduct certificate.

By whatever name it is called, Notary & Apostille Service will be able to assist you in getting it Apostille.

There are several types of Criminal Background Checks you can get.

National Background Check

The Criminal Justice Information Services Division Better known as the Federal Bureau of Investigation or just FBI will do a nationwide background check on you. All USA states report their criminal records to the FBI.  The FBI will require you to send them your fingerprints on the blue Standard Fingerprint Form, FD-258 (pdf) and - Applicant Information Form (pdf).

Once you click on the previous link and have downloaded the FD-258 form take it to Staples or OfficeMax on a thumb drive and let them print out the form in color on "Card Stock" paper.

If you need someone to take your fingerprints, you can go to your local police station to have them roll your prints. There will probably be a fee for this service they provide.  Make sure you ask for an Apostille ready Background Check. Once you receive your background report back from the FBI you may send it to Notary & Apostille Service along with your order form. Notary & Apostille Service then get it Apostille. Download you order form here.

There is also a state level background check

NY Statewide Criminal History Record Search

If you need a NY Statewide Criminal Record Check for your Background Check Notary & Apostille Service (NASI can provide that service for you. The search by the court using public records relating to open/pending and convictions of criminal cases originating from ALL 62 counties courts of New York. If you have a Sealed Records they are not disclosed. If you are interested in this service you will need to provide me with your First Name, Last Name, Date of Birth and a address to use for the report. The turn around time for this service is 1.5 to 2 or 3 business days. Fingerprints are not required since the record search is not based on your finger prints, but on the information requested.


Background Record Check

Instant Background Record Check for local USA use
NASI Fee $60
NYS Court filing fee $65 Sub - total $125

USPS Domestic or International Express Delivery is Extra.
Add postage as shown below.

If you are going to send your Background Check out of the country then you need a Background Check with a New York State Apostille or a New York State Certification

NASI Fee $60
 NYS Court filing fee $65

New York State Apostille or Certification fee $125

Sub - total $250

USPS Domestic or International Express Delivery is Extra.
Add postage as shown below.



Domestic - USA

Priority Mail 2-3 Business Days add $10
Express Mail (USA) Next Day add $25
FedEx Overnight add $38


USPS Priority Mail 6 to 10 Business days add  $35
USPS Express Mail  3 to 5 business days add  $65
for FedEx 1 to 3 business days add $100

Expedited Service

For faster Expedited Service add $100
Processed & completed the same business day that the document is received from the court. Please note documents going to a foreign country require a hand signed letter from the court, this may take additional time to retrieve and this service is only available on business day typically on Monday thru Friday.

To get started go to the "Contact Us" link on this page then click on the "Getting Started" on that page and fill out the Criminal Background Record Check Order Form:

Note: The report will NOT show criminal offenses such as violations, infractions, but will show records found or "No Results Found",  if none were found. To get starting with your Criminal Record Check click on the "GETTING STARTED" link at the bottom of this page.  We are now offering Same Day Background Record Check. However, if you need an Apostille of a Certification of this document it will take additional time.  The results can be then sent to you with a New York State Apostille or New York State Certification if one was requested.

It is not necessary to have been a NY state residence to have a criminal background check done.

Started your background check Now!

State level Background Check

You can call the New York State Division of Criminal Justice Services, Division of Criminal Justice Services at +1-518-485-7675

Other State Identification Bureau Listings

County Background Check

Nassau, Suffolk, New York City, Queens, Bronx, Manhattan, Staten Island

Nassau County, NY

Nassau County Police Department, 1490 Franklin Avenue, Mineola, New York 11501 +1 (516) 573-7000

Suffolk County, NY

Suffolk County Police Department, 30 Yaphank Avenue, Yaphank, NY 11980 Criminal Record search and or Letter of Good Conduct. Download an fill out this Request form. Download Instructions for the CRIMINAL RECORD SEARCH AND/OR LETTER OF GOOD CONDUCT.

You can also call the "Letter of Good Conduct Desk" at +1-631-852-6316 for more information

New York City, NY

New York City Police Department, Public Inquiry & Request Section, One Police Plaza, Room 152A, New York, NY 10038-1497

You can also go online & find a company that will provide you with any of the above background checks (local, state, or national).

Local Background Check

You can call you local police department and ask for a local background check

Apostille Service

Notary & Apostille Service offers a full range of service:

  • We can get an Apostille or Embassy Legalization of your FBI, State or Local background check report.
  • Translate it to it to the language required.
  • Have it Authenticated by the Consulate or Embassy

Fingerprint Service

Notary & Apostille Service does not currently offer Fingerprinting Service at this time.

However, we hope to offer this service at a later date.

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