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Notary & Apostille Service, Inc.

Alan Murray, President

I am the President, CEO and founder of Notary & Apostille Service, Inc, previously Doing Business As (DBA) NYnotary4U.com. We specialize in assisting our clients in expediting their documents through the various local, state, federal government agencies, including  foreign consulates & embassies located in the USA. 

Notary & Apostille Service, Inc. is a private for profit company. We are a New York State base company registered with the New York  State Secretary of State as a domestic corporation.  We are not related to any governmental agency. We do not issue or sell documents. We are not lawyers and we do not provide legal advice, tax advice or any other legal or professional advice of any kind.

We process documents that are sent to us, we also provide New York mobile Notary Public service, courier service for small letters & through 3rd party assistance we provide document retrieval service, NYS criminal history background checks, document translations for 50+  languages & generalized information about the services to our customers and to the public.

With proper authorization from you we can assist you in retrieving personal or public document, (i.e., marriage certificate, certificate of divorce and criminal or family court records).  We do not issue or sell these documents.

We are a memer of the Greater New York State Chamber of Commerce. Our Dun & Bradstreet, D&B D-U-N-SŪ number is: 02-900-3256

If you are interested in providing us with your service, you can sign up as an Independent Contractor.

I'm duly sworn and commissioned by the State of New York as a Notary Public, my current term expires July 28, 2016 & is renewable every 4 years. My Notary Public Registration Number: 01MU6190384; You can check my notary public commission at New York State Licenses & Registration Search.

Certified Notary Signing Agent:
In addition to being a Notary Public I am also a Certified Notary Signing Agent. This means I am familiar with mortgage documents & I have receive training in closing mortgage loan of various types. Since many banks, mortgage companies want to make sure they are using people of the highest moral fiber we have to take a background check.

Notary Signing agents undergo a comprehensive criminal background check of all criminal court records (misdemeanor, felony and federal courts) to verify if there was a conviction of a criminal offense involving dishonesty or a breach of trust, and to make sure we have not pled guilty to, no contest, or has been convicted of, or entered a pretrial diversion program in connection with the prosecution of, any criminal offense regardless of whether described as a felony or as a misdemeanor involving dishonesty, a breach of trust, or money laundering.

The reason for such a comprehensive background check is because Notary Signing Agents, handle volumes of personal data, W9's, social security number, bank account & credit card information, W2's, Income tax forms just to name a few.

My goal is to provide the best service to everyone who needs help. I work as a New York State Traveling Notary Public Signing Agent, on call during the day & evening hours when most banks & notary public locations are closed. I will travel to you, at your home, business, hospital, or nursing home to complete your notary public needs.

I am also an Independent Associate for LegalShield, Inc. As an Independent Associate I own my own business, I can market (sell) their various legal service plans and Identity Theft & Restoration plan an earn a lucrative compensation, receive residual income for longivety sales, Overrides and bonuses for the sales that I make & my team members. Legal Shield is well known for it Business Opportunity. Legal Shield has been around for over 40 years and is a privately owned company that has received endorsements from many well known personalities, magazines & legal professionals.

Legal Shield helps people with UNLIMITED legal services, such as: legal consultation, phone call, letters, Last Will & Testament, Living Will, Health Care Power of Attorney, Motor vehicle legal services, Trial Defense, IRS, Identity Theft Monitoring which monitors all 5 areas of Identity theft and a Restoration service. Legal Shield, Inc. also offer a business protection plan to protect your business. As a Legal Shield Member you have access to quality attorneys with a simple toll-free telephone call. This is just a summary of some of the benefits and not all services my be available in your state.

How many people do you know who still go through life's legal events blind, deaf, and mute simply because they don't know where to turn or, more commonly, are just afraid of what legal counsel would cost? The Legal Shield Services Membership provides a partnership between the typical family in North America and the Legal Shield Provider Law Firm. Do you know someone who needs a Life Events Legal Plan?

Legal Shield, Inc. is the fastest employee benefit in the country; over 44,000 companies offer this protection to their employees. We are also looking for people for people who would be interested in doing group presentations, especially if you already do presentations to employees for health insurance, etc. If interested please contact me and I will get you some information. This company has a remarkable product, they have great mentoring and provide complete support. The timing is right for you to get started.

Coverage varies by USA state so check Legal Shield website for exact type of service available in your area & for terms of coverage.

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Why use Notary & Apostille Service for your service?

  • Experience: Notary & Apostille Service previously known doing business as NYNOTARY4U.COM has years of experience helping clients from all around the world, from California to Virginia, Florida to Wyoming and from countries such as Russia, Romania, Israel, Italy, England, UK,  Ireland, and Saba just to name a few.
  • Customer Service: Excellent, we're customer focus and strive to make our customer satisfaction number one.
  • Service: Dependable, Ready  & Reliable
  • Low Rates: Our fees are Competitive within the industry.
  • Same Day Service: Notary & Apostille Service offers Same Day, Next Day Service or choose a plan that fits your time schedule & budget.
  • Free Shipping: Free Courier pick up & drop off service and or Free shipping & insurance, depending on service provided.
  • Longevity: Notary & Apostille Service has been in business since 2009,  assisting clients getting married in the Dominican Republic, and Russia just to name a few. We assisted business open new markets in foreign with our service.  Also, we've assisted several couples looking to adopt children from overseas countries.
  • Trust: Over the years we have built our reputation that our clients know that Notary & Apostille Service is capable of doing any job big or small. Notary & Apostille Service show integrity in our operations & have a predictable expectation of our service to our clients. Notary & Apostille Service is here to serve your interest. So, don't waste your time looking for a cheaper price, Call us today for a personalize pricing.

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  • Greater New York State Chamber of Commerce
  • National Notary Association (NNA)
    Background Screened and Certified Notary Signing Agent
  • American Society of Notaries
  • Member Notary Rotary
  • Member Naval Enlisted Reserve Association (NERA)
    Life Member - E7/Chief Radioman


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